European Adventure


Page 1 -  Europe - June 1984


In June of 1984, Pat and I took a 17 day trip to Europe.  This was split between a 10 day escorted Trafalgar tour of France (Paris), Switzerland (Lucerne), Germany (Heidelberg), and Holland (Amsterdam) that began in London and then followed by 7 days on our own in Great Britain.


The Trafalgar tour was excellent.  It was well organized and everything ran like clockwork  The tour guide took care of problems and kept track of all the tourists.


We took lots of photos.  Most of the scans on the following pages are of photos that we took.  Some of the scans are of postcards of places that we visited.


And now for the individual pages.

Page 2 France (Paris)

Page 3 Switzerland (Lucerne)

Page 4 Germany (Heidelberg and Cologne)

Page 5 Holland (Amsterdam)

Page 6 Great Britain (London)

Page 7 Great Britain (Castles and Palaces)

Page 8 Great Britain (Lake District and Other)

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