European Adventure


Page 3 - Europe - June, 1984  -  Switzerland (Lucerne)


After France, it was off to Lucerne in Switzerland.  The scenery in Switzerland is absolutely beautiful.  The pictures below do not do it justice, but you can get a sense of what it does look like.

The highlight of Switzerland was going up a mountain outside Lucerne.  We took a cogwheel train up the mountain and came down in an enclosed gondola, swinging in the breeze.  This was spectacular!!


Now for the pictures.

This picture of a sleeping lion carved into a rock wall is a monument for the Swiss army.

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Dinner and a show at the Restaurant Stadtfeller in Lucerne.  The show highlighted Swiss folklore.  The first picture is of the outside of the restaurant.

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Sights in and around Lucerne.

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Our hotel room.

Euro-8406-SW-14.jpg (69607 bytes)


Photos from the trip up and down the mountain.  Spectacular scenery.

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Photos as we are leaving Switzerland on our way to Germany.

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