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Page 2 - Europe - June, 1984  -  France (Paris)

To get to France, we took a bus from London to the English Channel.  There we boarded a ferry to cross over the channel to Calais, France where we boarded another bus and continued on to Paris.  In Paris, we visited the Louvre museum, took in a caberet, went on a Seine river cruise, toured Notre-Dame Cathedral, saw the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Place de la Concorde, shopped (bought some jewelry) and more.


There were two other items that have stuck with me.  First was the coffee - it was very strong.  Thinking back, my recollection is that this coffee was considerably stronger than the coffee we had in Italy on our trip in November, 2000.  Second, Pat and I were awaken one night by a very amorous couple in the room next to us.  We wondered if this was typical French nighttime behavior or if this particular behavior was influenced by monetary considerations.  I also remember having escargot at a sidewalk cafe.  


Now for the photos.


Paris by night.

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The first picture below is of the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret.  The second picture is of an advertisement for movie Barbarella starring Jane Fonda.

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Pictures of Paris.

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The tour group takes in a cabaret and dinner.  Pat and I are in the third picture.

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The Louvre!  These pictures do not do it justice - but we actually got a picture of the real Mona Lisa!!

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More of Paris

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A Picture of Paris from the highest point in Paris.  Note that there are very few tall buildings.  It seems that Paris, at the time,  had a city ordinance against tall buildings.

Euro-8406-FR-39.jpg (77462 bytes) 


Notre-Dame Cathedral - it is beautiful.  We toured the inside as well.

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The Seine River cruise.

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The French countryside on our way to Lucerne, Switzerland.

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