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Page 8 - Europe - June, 1984  -  England (Countryside & Lake District)


We split our time in Great Britain between London and the countryside.  This page shows some of the photos we took outside of London.


Some gardens.  Not sure where these were, but this is a good place to put them.

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The countryside as mostly seen through the windows of the car.  The first picture is of the inn where we spent 2 nights outside of London.

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The white cliffs of Dover taken from the channel ferry boat.  

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Scenery in and around the Lake District.  The first picture is of the hotel in Keswick that we stayed at.  The next 2 photos were taken from our room overlooking the gardens.  The next 5 photos are of the Lake District countryside.  The last set of 6 pictures were taken along the west coast.  Keswick is just a few miles from the body of water that separates Great Britain from Ireland. 

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From the Lake District it was back to London to catch our flight to Dallas.


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