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Page 4 - Europe - June, 1984  -  Germany (Heidelberg)


We left Lucerne early in the morning to travel through Germany to Holland.  Even though we did not spend a single night in Germany, we had time to eat Black Forrest cake at a rest stop in the Black Forrest, tour Heidelberg Castle, take a Rhine River cruise, tour the Cologne Cathedral, and have a McDonalds hamburger in Cologne.  All in all, a very full day.


The Photos:

Heidelberg Castle

The images below of Heidelberg Castle or were taken of the city from the castle.

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A Rhine River cruise.  As our tour guide said; "The wine is fine on the Rhine".  Pat and I sampled the wine.

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Some photos taken while traveling through Germany.  The last image is of a postcard.

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The first photo is of the McDonalds where we had a hamburger.  As I recall, it tasted funny to my Texas tastebuds.

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The Cologne Cathedral

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