March, 2015


On our way from Istanbul to back to Italy, we pass between the toe of Italy and the island of Sicily.  We pass close enough to the island to take photos of the coast.


We will stop at Naples before we end our cruise at Civitavecchia, the Port of Rome.  Here we have booked an excursion to tour the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii and to visit the seaside town of Sorrento.



We end our cruise at Civitavecchia, the Port of Rome.  A driver picks us up and takes us to Rome to our hotel, the Residenza di Ripetta.  This hotel is from the 17th century and is a former monestary.  We will spend 4 nights here.  Pat and I enjoyed our stay.

While in Rome we will of course experience Rome and everything it has to offer, but also get out into the countryside and see some hilltop towns.

First the hilltop towns of Montaicino, Siena, and Orvieto.




And now Rome...

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The photo below was taken while cruising off the coast of Italy.  It is a volcanic island in the Medeterrnean.  Steam from its summit can be seen as well as houses at the base of the volcano.


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Mike & Pat