Eastern Mediterrean Cruise

March, 2015


In 2014, we went on a Canary Island Cruise with friends our of Barcelona.  This year we go on an Eastern Mediterranean Cruise with two other friends.  It is always good to go with friends.

We fly into Rome's Airport the evening before the cruise departs.  Since this is 40 +/- miles from the port where the cruise ships dock, we have a driver pick us up and take us to a hotel at the port.  In the morning we meet our friends for breakfast at the hotel.  Since the ship departs in the afternoon, we spend some time walking and taking in the sights before heading to the port to board the ship.

The ship we are on is Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Jade.  Our first stop is Olympia in Greece. 

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Our next stop is the port for Ephesus in Turkey. 

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And then we return to Italy.  We will stop in Naples and tour Pompeii.  Then on to Rome whee we will stay for 3 days tourin Rome and the countryside.

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Mike & Pat