Montana Interlude


Page 5 - Sunday, June 17, 2001

After hiking in the mud yesterday, we decide to go back to Yellowstone today.  We will for the most part take paths that we not had taken on Friday.

First though, is breakfast.  Today, it is a fruit cup to begin with a baked omelet served with little sausages and coffee cake.  Orange juice and coffee/tea were also served.  

Then it is off to Yellowstone.  We will go in via the north entrance and continue south along the western part of the loop.  We decide that if there is time, we will also visit the Grand Teton National Park whose northern border is Yellowstone's southern border.  


Scenery as we are entering Mammoth Hot Springs.

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Mammoth Hot Springs

Hot springs, geysers and elk.

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More scenery while traveling through Yellowstone.  We stop at Old Faithful to gas up the car, wash up, and have lunch.  Notice the areas where the forest fires were.  They have a lot of new green growth, but the dead trees are still standing.

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A bull moose grazing among the burnt out trees.  Zoom was required.  I evidently was not real study, as there is some blurring.

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The Grand Tetons.

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A lake and marina

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A female moose resting under a tree.

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Wild flowers

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The view from the top of Signal Mountain.

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The Grand Tetons are grand.

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We exit Grand Teton National Park to the south.  We go through Jackson Wyoming and head west to go around Grand Teton and Yellowstone.  We plan to go up the western side outside the parks.  It is more miles, but we should be able to travel at a substantially higher rate of speed.  We need to go over a high pass to get to the western side.  The 3 pictures below are from the top of the pass.

Mon-yelst-gt-20010617-1920.jpg (59387 bytes) Mon-yelst-gt-20010617-1921a.jpg (90557 bytes) Mon-yelst-gt-20010617-1921b.jpg (59514 bytes)

We go north through eastern Idaho, up to Montana and through the town of West Yellowstone on the way back to Bozeman.  We get back into Bozeman at about 9:45 pm.  We have dinner at the Montana Alehouse.  While the dining room was closed, the bar served sandwiches, fish and chips and other kinds of bar food.  And the beer was cold.  We get back to Fox Hollow around 11 pm.  We immediately go to bed.  

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