Montana Interlude


Page 6 - Monday, June 18, 2001  


Today, we go home.  We need to pack and get ready to leave.  Our flight leaves around 1 pm so we have some time to look around Bozeman.  First, though, is breakfast.  It is another gourmet breakfast with a fruit cup, orange juice, coffee/tea, etc.


We finish breakfast and finish packing and then go to downtown Bozeman for some window shopping.


The 4 pictures below are of Fox Hollow.

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The 4 pictures below are of downtown Bozeman.

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After window shopping (and buying a little bit of stuff), it is time to go to the airport.  We gas up the car and it is off to the airport.  All 3 of us are on the same flight to Salt Lake City.  In Salt Lake, Gretchen gets on her plane to San Francisco and Pat and I get on ours to Dallas.  We are all on our way home.

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