Montana Interlude


Page 3 - Saturday, June 16, 2001

Today we plan to do some hiking in the Gallatin Mountains around Bozeman.  We again are up between 6 and 6:30 (Gretchen loves it!!).  Breakfast starts with a fruit cup followed by thin pancakes wrapped around a cream cheese and sweet fruit filling served with little sausages.  Again orange juice and coffee/tea was served.  We have a leisurely breakfast and leave at 9:30 for hiking.


We will do 2 short hikes today.  The first is a hike to Rat Lake.  It is a 1.5 - 2 mile hike.  It is off the same road we took to Yellowstone yesterday.  Once off the highway, we drive 6 - 7 miles to the trailhead.  This was a twisting and road hugging the mountains.  It was not paved.

Rat Lake Hike

On the way to Rat Lake.

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Pat and Gretchen picking there way across a trail washout.

 Mon-yelst-gt-20010616-1120.jpg (97578 bytes) 

Pat and Gretchen by a Pine in the snow.  Pat is throwing a snow ball at me.

Mon-yelst-gt-20010616-1123.jpg (140168 bytes) 

Rat Lake

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Hiking back from Rat Lake

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We stop along the road on the way out to take this picture.

Mon-yelst-gt-20010616-1243.jpg (133127 bytes) 

There was a lot of mud on this hike.  As we were leaving, a mother with 2 young children were embarking on this hike.  Except for the washout, it is a doable hike for them.  She may need to take them across the washout one at a time.  Of course, I'm sure the kids would love the mud.  

It is now back to Bozeman for lunch (and a quick stop at an antique mall).  We have lunch at a diner, check out the antiques, and then head off for our afternoon hike.  We will do the Hylite canyon/reservoir hike.  It is a little longer than the Rat Lake hike.  This hike is closer to Bozeman (and off a different road).

Hylite Canyon Hike

The parking area.  There is a boat ramp, picnic areas, and outhouses. 

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The hike.  A very large part of this hike was walking in snow.  You will notice that we are in short sleeves.  We were not cold.  The sun was out and there was very little wind.  We were quite comfortable.  The ground was soft and mushy from the melting snow.

Pat is breaking trail on the first part of the hike.

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The Log Stream Crossing

This picture was taken right after Pat inadvertently sat down on the log and stuck her left foot into the stream.  Gretchen and I tried real hard to keep a straight face.  Of course, a little further on, I slip on a patch of snow and fall on my a..  uh, I mean butt.  Oh well.

Mon-yelst-gt-20010616-1504.jpg (102505 bytes) 

Scenery from the hike.

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A hidden landlock small lake.  We rested here for a while.

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The reservoir.  Lots of people boating and fishing.  There are cabins and camp grounds around the lake.

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Finishing off the hike, we have two mountain bikers come by huffing and puffing.  We also have 2 ladies with 3 dogs come by.  One of the ladies had hiking boots and jeans on.  The other was in shorts wearing sandals.  Her toe nails were painted and she was rearing toe rings.  Very appropriate for a hike in mud and snow.

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A stream along side the road as we are leaving Hylite Canyon.

Mon-yelst-gt-20010616-1711a.jpg (89217 bytes) Mon-yelst-gt-20010616-1711b.jpg (118501 bytes) 

After this hike we go back to Fox Hollow to change, clean up and relax before dinner.  For dinner we go to Patricks Pub???.  Again, the food was good and the beer was cold.  After dinner, it is back to Fox Hollow for homemade cookies and bed.  We are tired.


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