Hawaii Family Vacation


Page 2 - Hawaii (Oahu) - August, 1989


We spent 3 full days on Oahu.  I rented a car with an American Airline discount coupon.  We went to Diamond Head, Polynesian Village, and took a sightseeing/dinner cruise.  In between these activities, we took in some scenery, went to the Arizona Memorial and spent time on the beach.  It was a fun filled 3 days.


We stayed at the Holiday Inn.  It was ok.  We did have some exceitement as it was raided one day looking for prostitutes.  I never saw any.  Oh well.


Diamond Head - The last picture is of Diamond Head taken from the balcony outside our hotel room.  From Diamond Head, the surf clearly visible as is Honolulu.

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Sights in and around Honolulu and Oahu.  In the first 2 Gretchen can be seen at the Arizona Memorial and in her favorite position.

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Polynesian Village

We took a tour bus to the Polynesian Village.  This was an all day and into the evening affair.  We had a good time and enjoyed the cultural shows.

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A sightseeing/dinner cruise off the beaches of Honolulu.

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