Hawaii Family Vacation


Page 1 - Hawaii - August, 1989

Pat, Peter, Gretchen and I took a 10 day vacation in Hawaii during the summer of 1989.  This was a very good family trip.  This trip was very affordable, as I had traveled enough to have 2 free airline tickets American Airlines and had stayed at Marriott hotels enough to have a free 7 days accommodations at a Marriott Hotel/Resort as well as 2 airline tickets on Continental Airlines.  So Pat and Peter took American Airlines through Los Angeles, and Gretchen and I took Continental Airlines through Houston and San Francisco.

We spent the first 3 days and 4 nights in Honolulu.  We stayed at a Holiday Inn across the street from the beach.  We were at the Diamond Head end of the strip.  Then it was off to Maui where we had the 7 free nights at the Marriott Resort at Kaanapali Beach.  Again, we took 2 different airlines to get to Maui.


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