Hawaii Family Vacation


Page 3 - Hawaii (Maui) - August, 1989

Gretchen and I got to Maui a couple of hours before Pat and Peter.  So Gretchen and I got a rental car and went to the hotel to check in.  After checking in, we returned to the Airport to pick up Pat and Peter.

On Maui, we stayed at the Marriott Resort at Kaanapoli Beach.  This was a very nice hotel.  We had seven days and nights on Maui.


Photos from in and around the Marriott Resort Hotel.  One or two may be from another nearby hotel.

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A Plantation where we had lunch and a plantation tour.  Notice the pineapple, bananas and other tropical plants.

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Pat and Gretchen go horseback riding through the pineapple fields.

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While Gretchen and Pat are horseback riding, Peter and I go to Haleakala State Park to see the sunrise and to see the morning clouds enter this extinct volcano.  It is a barren landscape and for Hawaii in the summer, it was relatively cool.

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Three roadside photos on our bay back to the Marriott from the volcano.

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A sightseeing/dinner cruise in Maui.

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We go on a Molokini Snorkel Cruise.  This left the harbor mid morning.  It is an 60 or 90 minutes out to Molokini.  Molokini is an extinct volcano.  The water was very clear and snorkeling was great - even for those who did not swim.  We got back around 4 pm.

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And a couple of harbor pictures.

HI-8908-Maui-78.jpg (72402 bytes) HI-8908-Maui-79.jpg (62754 bytes)


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