Florida Vacation


Page 4 - Sunday, January 21, 2001

On Sunday morning, we were able to sleep in.  As I recall, we had oatmeal for breakfast.  We did not leave the condo until around 11:00am.  We were to have dinner with Pat and Cathy's mother at her apartment in Debary.  Leaving, we drove on down the beach towards Daytona for about a mile until  the way was blocked.  Then it was off to for dinner.  After dinner, we all got into the van and went to visit Pat and Cathy's brother Norman, who with his wife Annette lives in St. Mary's Florida.  We had a good visit and returned to the condo, dropping Pat and Cathy's mother (Marian) off at her apartment in Debary.  On the way back, it was getting late.  We stopped at an Italian restaurant in a shopping center and had pizza.  It was very good pizza.  Then it was back to the condo to relax and to go to bed.

The two pictures below were taken in the condo.

florida-010121-0832.jpg (54860 bytes) florida-010121-1030.jpg (46768 bytes) 

The three pictures below were taken off the balcony of the condo.  We were on the 6th floor.

florida-010121-1043.jpg (40668 bytes)  florida-010121-0833a.jpg (44268 bytes) florida-010121-0833b.jpg (45941 bytes)

The remaining pictures below were taken as we were driving along the beach.

 florida-010121-1103.jpg (55698 bytes) florida-010121-1104.jpg (50777 bytes) florida-010121-1105a.jpg (39004 bytes) florida-010121-1105b.jpg (36938 bytes) florida-010121-1106.jpg (34883 bytes) florida-010121-1107.jpg (40754 bytes) florida-010121-1109.jpg (32921 bytes) florida-010121-1114.jpg (38302 bytes) florida-010121-1115.jpg (36992 bytes) florida-010121-1116a.jpg (39219 bytes) florida-010121-1116b.jpg (37202 bytes) florida-010121-1117.jpg (37540 bytes) florida-010121-1121a.jpg (46382 bytes) florida-010121-1121b.jpg (32155 bytes) florida-010121-1122.jpg (39250 bytes)

Florida temperature today was in the low sixties.

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