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Page 5 - Monday, January 22, 2001

Monday morning was an early rising.  I believe we had oatmeal for breakfast.  We are to drive down to the Gold Coast today.  Sunday night, we discussed how early we needed to get up today with Thom and I wanting to get up earlier and Cathy and Pat wanting to get up later.  We finally decided to leave around 7:30 to 8:00 in the morning.  This was an overcast and rainy day.  It rained almost the whole time.  We took I95 down to Boca Raton.  It seems like the only time it was not raining was when we were in Boca Raton.  We got 45 minutes to an hour walking on the beach and in a park.  Driving back, we took A1A north for about 50 or 60 miles.  We understood why this is called the Gold Coast.  There sure appears to be a lot of money in this area.  During this time, we drove through several towns.  In one of the towns, we were driving on a street with many stop signs.  Somehow I missed one stop sign (with a police car directly behind me).  I don't know if the cop was day dreaming or what, but not only did I not get a ticket, I was not even pulled over.  I got out of town.

These eight pictures below were taken in the park.  Coconuts trees, palm trees, and a tree where its roots drop down from branches.

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The six pictures below were taken on the beach across from the park.  There are tunnels under the road to get from the park to the beach.  One of the tunnels is seen above.

florida-010122-1109a.jpg (45022 bytes) florida-010122-1109b.jpg (34361 bytes) florida-010122-1114.jpg (55931 bytes) florida-010122-1119.jpg (62507 bytes) florida-010122-1122a.jpg (73397 bytes) florida-010122-1122b.jpg (50903 bytes)  

The nine pictures below were taken across the intra coastal waterway from the park.  Evidently, there are some wealthy individuals that reside in these not so modest homes with their not so modest yachts.

florida-010122-1137.jpg (47908 bytes) florida-010122-1138a.jpg (41116 bytes) florida-010122-1138b.jpg (34686 bytes) florida-010122-1139.jpg (35483 bytes) 

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florida-010122-1153c.jpg (52515 bytes) 

Several of these pictures were taken with maximum zoom (including the one bird above).  I was really pleased with how they turned out.

Florida temperature today was in the upper fifties.

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