Florida Vacation


Page 3 - Saturday, January 20, 2001

We slept in this morning.  We did not get up until after 8:00am.  We then made coffee and watched the Presidential inauguration.  About 12:30pm, we checked out of the hotel.  We had lunch at TGIFridays (or was it a Chilis?) and then went to the airport to pickup Cathy and Thom.  After picking them up, it was off to Ormond Beach which is just north of Daytona Beach.  We found the Condo (the Royal Floridian) and checked in.  It is undergoing renovation.  We had a 2 bedroom and 2 bath unit.  After relaxing for a while, it was off to dinner and grocery shopping.  We drove around looking for a place to eat.  After not making up our minds, we had dinner at a place called Marcos in a town called Ormond by the Sea.  The restaurant still had its Christmas lights and other decorations out.  However, we all had seafood and it was good.  This was most likely the best meal we had in Florida on this trip.

Then off to the grocery store.  The grocery store was on the way back to the hotel.  Next to the grocery was a Beales Outlet.  Naturally, the ladies needed to check out the sale items.  After checking out the sale items, we were able to get our groceries (soda, bread, oatmeal for a month, fruit flavored yogurt, snacks, raisins - all the necessities).  Then back to the hotel.

Pat and Cathy's mother lives in Florida.  Arrangements were made to visit her the next day.  It was then time for bed.

Florida Temperature today was in the 60's.

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