San Francisco, April, 2001


San Francisco, April 12 - April 16, 2001

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This is about our trip to San Francisco over Easter to visit Peter and Gretchen.   We flew out of Dallas Ft. Worth airport at about 8 PM Thursday evening.  We were flying America West airline which has its hub in Phoenix.  We were to change planes in Phoenix and then continue on to the San Jose airport.  However, we were late getting into Phoenix and missed our connection.  There were no other flights to San Jose that evening.  So America West put us up at a Sheraton for the night.  We were to stay with Gretchen that evening.  I called her and told her we would not be there until the next day.  She got our message, so all was fine.

Our flight the next morning left at 6 AM - UGG, so we got 4 or 5 hours sleep that night. We got into San Jose around 8 AM and got our luggage, a rental car and then went to Gretchen's apartment in Palo Alto. We rested for an hour or so and then went to meet Peter at his condo in San Francisco.  Peter had bought tickets to Alcatraz.  So we continued on down to the Piers for the Alcatraz tour.  Click on this link to see more about Alcatraz.

Peter had plans for Friday evening.  So So we went back to Palo Alto for dinner that evening.  We ate at a little Italian restaurant in downtown Palo Alto.  We had eaten there before and the food is real good.

On Saturday, we went back to San Francisco to meet Peter.  We then went on to Sausalito for the rest of the day.  Click on this link to see more about Sausalito.

That night, Peter and Gretchen treated us to dinner at a very nice Mexican restaurant on one of the peninsulas on the north bay (Marin County).  The meal was good, and the views of San Francisco from outside the restaurant were wonderful.  So we got to cross the Golden Gate Bridge each way twice that day.  We spent that night at Peter's condo.

The next morning, Easter Sunday, we went to mass at St. Ignatius which is on the grounds of the University of San Francisco.  This is a Jesuit college.  The church was very large and very full.  As is the case everywhere in San Francisco, it was very hard to find a parking spot.  We walked a ways to church once we got parked.

After mass, we went back to Peter's condo and spent the afternoon.  That evening we went to dinner in Half Moon Bay.  There is a wonderful restaurant right on the Pacific ocean that we had found in a previous trip.  During the prohibition era, it evidently had an unsavory reputation for bootlegging liquor and as a house of ill-repute.  Dinner was very good.

That evening, we returned Peter to his condo and then went on to Gretchen's apartment for the evening.  We watched some TV and went to bed.  The next morning, we had a flight out of San Jose to go back to Dallas.  This time America West was perfect.  We made our connection and Phoenix and got back to the Dallas Ft. Worth airport on time.

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