Michigan Visit with Relatives

June, 2002


In June, 2002, My wife and I made a trip to Michigan to visit with relatives.  I had a niece graduating from High School.  On the first part of the trip, we visited with my relatives (and my niece's graduation).  The second part of the trip, we visited with my wife's relatives near Detroit.  There will be two pages for this trip.  This page will chronicle the graduation party, while the second page will have photos of Greenfield Village outside of Detroit.


The Graduation

Pat and I were very pleased to make the graduation party.  We were unable to make the previous years graduations which still bothers me.

The Cake and Decorations

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The room celebrating the achievements of the graduate.  She had quite a number of achievements and awards!

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Some of the attendees including the graduate.

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And now for Greenfield Village


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