Florida Vacation


Page 4 - Monday, February 25, 2002


We get up today not knowing what we are going to do.  It promises to be a nice day with warmer temperatures.  Cathy needs a hair cut so she and Thom go to get her hair trimmed.  I get some brochures and look at the various things to do.  We decide to go on an airboat ride today and deep sea fishing on Tuesday.   We head for Ponce Inlet where the deep sea fishing boats leave from.  We make our reservations for Tuesday and then have lunch at a restaurant on the harbor in Ponce Inlet.  We then head for the airboat swamp ride.  This is about 40 miles from Daytona.  The airboat ride is a blast with alligators, birds, cattle and other assorted animal and plant life.  After the ride we head back to Daytona for a little shopping and dinner.

And now for the days photos:

Some photos at Ponce Inlet:

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Now for the airboat ride.

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Mother and baby aligators

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Walking the streets and beaches of Daytona.

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For dinner we go to Charlie Horse ( a Daytona seafood restaurant).

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