Florida Vacation


Page 5 - Tuesday, February 26, 2002


Today we go deep sea fishing.  It has been 2 or 3 years since we have gone out fishing.  It promises to be a nice day.  The sun is shining but just a little on the cool side - which is just fine.  This is a half day trip.  We board at noon and will return in the late afternoon.  We board and pick out our spots to fish from.  Glory be, we end up on the shady side of the boat.  On the way out, we go up to the upper deck and are able to see all around.

Fishing was so so.  I was the only one who caught a keeper.  Pat got a nasty eel and Thom caught a bait fish.  I got an edible snapper.  I do not recall Cathy getting anything.

The photos:

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Me and my fish.....

Florida-20020226-1729.jpg (78837 bytes) 

For dinner we go to Marko's - a Greek, seafood, and pasta restaurant in Ormond.

After we go to bed, we are entertained by 2 or more amorous people in a nearby condo who obviously were drinking or on something.  The "lady" , in particular, left no doubt at all about what she wanted.  I believe the whole complex heard her.

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