Florida Vacation


Page 3 - Sunday, February 24, 2002

Today we go to visit Pat and Cathy's Mother.  She lives about 30 miles from Daytona.  Norm (Pat and Cathy's brother) and Annette (Norm's spouse) will also be there.  We are to be there for dinner (at noon or 1 PM).  However, the weather is sunny (but a little cool) and we cannot resist walking the beach.  It is nice and we must walk at least 2 miles.  However, we need to hurry back so we can get to dinner at the appropriate time.  On the beach walk, Pat realizes she forgot her sunglasses.  We stop at a drug store to get sunglasses.  This makes us about 15 minutes late for dinner.  We were in trouble.  Dinner was roast beef, mashed potatoes and all the trimmings.  Pat's Mom had also made Pat a birthday cake (her birthday is the 21st).  The dinner and cake was good.  We had a good visit.


See below for today's photos from the beach walk.

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For a late night snack we order pizza.

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