Florida Vacation


Page 9 - Friday, January 26, 2001

Today is to be a day of relaxation, shopping and walking.  It is also the birthday of Pat and Cathy's mother.  We were able to sleep in.  As I recall, we had oatmeal for breakfast.  After breakfast, we go walking (better known as shopping).  We find nothing.  After attempting to find an antique shop (this one turned out to be 2 miles away from the condo) and finding that sidewalks ended on the way with no sight of the antique shop, we decide to go back to the condo and get the van.  We then find the antique shop.  Pat buys some old candle sticks.  We need to find a cake for the birthday party.  The person at the antique shop suggests Publix - the grocery store.  We go to Publix but first we need to stop at the Beales Outlet store next to Publix.  Of course the ladies find something to buy.  Then off to Publix where we get a carrot cake, candles and subs for lunch.  We then head back to the condo.  After lunch, we attempt to walk on the beach, but it is to cold and we quickly return to the condo.  We relax until it is time to go to Pat and Cathy's mother's apartment.  We pick her up and go to a restaurant called Pier 16.  We went early, but it still was very busy.  We all had seafood.  After dinner, it is back to the apartment for gift giving and birthday cake.  After a nice visit we return to the condo.

Photos while walking up and down highway A1A in Ormond Beach.

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These 2 pictures were taken from the beach.  Quite a beach house!

florida-010126-1449.jpg (69790 bytes) florida-010126-1450.jpg (52916 bytes) 

More photos from the balcony in our condo.

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florida-010126-1513b.jpg (46535 bytes) florida-010126-1513c.jpg (43563 bytes) 

The birthday party at the apartment.

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florida-010126-2003.jpg (52566 bytes) florida-010126-2007.jpg (51558 bytes)


The temperature today was in the sixties - but it felt cooler along the beach.

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