San Francisco, Spring 1989


I had been commuting to San Francisco Bay area from Texas for several months.  I would leave on a Sunday or Monday and return home Friday evening.  I had a company apartment and a company paid rental car.  I was able to work out a deal where the company flew my family to California for a week and I was able to take a weeks vacation.  As a result, we had a relatively inexpensive vacation in California.


Below is a pictorial record of that vacation.

Yosemite National Park.  We took a day trip from the Bay area to Yosemite.  Since this was the spring, there had been a recent snowfall.  However, while it was cool and brisk, the scenery was wonderful.

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Golden Gate Park.  This is a beautiful in San Francisco.  The Golden Gate bridge can be seen in the first picture.

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The Pier 39 area of the San Francisco waterfront.

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Pat, Gretchen and I go to Muir Woods.  This is just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco.  Peter had homework that need to be done, so he missed this hike.

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