Victoria, September 1999


Pat and I got another company paid trip.  We used it to visit Victoria.  This was a follow-up to our trip to Seattle in 1994.  We only had time for a day trip in 1994 to go to Victoria.  This time we get to spend several days.  The photos below are both from within and from the surrounding countryside.


Victoria is a wonderful city.  Pat and I will most likely visit it again.


Some post cards from Victoria.

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Butchart Gardens

These gardens are wonderful.  There are a lot of flowers here that I cannot grow in Texas.

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Sights in and around Victoria.

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An attraction showing how life was like in England during the middle ages.

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Craigdarroch Castle.  This is a unique edifice with a lot of Victoria's history.

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This is the hotel we stayed at.

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The water - both in Victoria and along the coast north of Victoria.  


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