Montana Interlude


Page 1 - Thursday, June 14, 2001

We leave bright and early in the morning for the airport.  We are flying Delta Airlines through Salt Lake City.  We arrive late in Salt Lake and need to hurry to make the flight to Bozeman.  We make the flight in time but wonder about our luggage.  Gretchen meets us at the airport in Bozeman.  We go to get our luggage (we hope).  After waiting and looking, I spot our luggage.  Hooray!!


We leave the airport to go to Fox Hollow - the Bed and Breakfast.  Gretchen had a car that we had rented through  It was a compact car but roomy enough for the 3 of us.  We go to find the Fox Hollow.  Of course, we go 20 miles out of the way due to my great directions.  We finally find Fox Hollow and check in.  Our room has 2 beds (for the 3 of us) and a nice bathroom.  The art work on the walls of Fox Hollow is all for sale.  We will end up admiring the art work but not buying any.  It is still early afternoon, so we ask about for something to do.  We end up going to Museum of the Rockies.  This has a lot of Natural History exgibits (especially dinosaurs as there have been a lot of fossils found in this area), western and pioneer exhibits, and war (guns and artillery)  exhibits.  


I took some pictures of the pioneer exhibits.  These were mostly outside photos.  The photos from the inside of the museum did not turn out well.


The exhibits of the museum

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The pioneer house.  It had 5 smallish bedrooms upstairs, a large kitchen/dining room, and 2 other large rooms downstairs.  The house was furnished in period furniture and kitchen appliances.

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Pat looking at the chickens.  

Mon-yelst-gt-20010614-1734.jpg (76780 bytes) 

Farm equipment and sheds.  The last picture in this group includes some teepees.

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A tool shed with a sod roof.

Mon-yelst-gt-20010614-1740.jpg (62408 bytes)


After the museum, Gretchen shows us Montana State University (where the chemistry conference was held).  We saw the dorm where she stayed, the lecture halls and the display halls (where Gretchen displayed her poster).


We have dinner at the Montana Alehouse.  Lots of good beer and good food.  After dinner, we go back to Fox Hollow and have cookies for desert.  We also watch a movie (Liar Liar) in the family room of Fox Hollow.  It was pretty good.  The owners of Fox Hollow watch the movie with us.

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