Florida Summer 1971


In the summer of 1971, Pat and I went to Florida to visit her grandparents and other relatives.  This was the first time I had been to Florida.  We flew into either Tampa, Clearwater or St. Petersburg on (as I recall) Delta.  We went deep sea fishing for grouper.  We brought several packages of grouper back to Indiana.  We had a good time.  Below is a short pictorial record of that trip.

Pat and I with her grandparents.

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Uncle Bob and Aunt Fran with her grandparents.

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Pat's cousin and his family.

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Bush Garden???

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Aunt Fran, Pat and I on the Clearwater beach.

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Aunt Fran, Pat and I go deep sea fishing for grouper.

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A year or two after this trip, Pat's grandmother died.  Her grandfather, though, lived for almost another 30 years.  He died in 2000 at the age of 104.  There are other pictures of him on the personal pages.

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