Caribbean Cruise 

May, 1974


This page contains some scans of photos and postcards on the Caribbean cruise Pat and I took in 1974.  This was our first real trip/vacation/honeymoon.  We were in our mid twenties at the time of this trip.  The cruise line was Norwegian Caribbean Cruise Line and the name of the ship was the MS Skyward.  The ship left from Miami - we flew Delta Airlines to Miami.  As I recall, Delta at the time served complimentary wine.  The ports of call of the cruise were Jan Juan in Puerto Rico, Cap Haitian in Haiti, St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, and Nassau in the Bahamas.  We had a great time and made extensive use of mid-night buffets, the on-board slot machines that were open for business in international waters, and the other amenities of the cruise.


We had assigned seating for dinner.  One of the couples at our seating apparently were experienced gamblers.  In both San Juan and Nassau, they hit the casinos and appeared to be very successful.


At St. Thomas, we met a friend of Pat's.  They both had taught school in Niles Michigan in 1971/1972.  We had a good visit and checked out the cheap liquor and jewelry stores.  There were some historical sites (Blackbeards' Tower) that we also visited.

In Cap Haitian, we took a donkey ride up a mountain to visit a fortress built around 1830.  We were warned to only drink fluids (beer) brought off the ship.  The Haitian water was evidently worse than Mexican water for US citizens.  Our steward at dinner had pillows for us to sit on that night.  He know what those donkeys would do to us.  We also bought a large (about 3 feet by 5 feet) primitive Haitian painting.  I was surprised that we got it home undamaged.  We still have that painting.


Below are the scans from that trip.


The first six pictures are scans that the ship photographers took.  Pat was so sore from the donkey ride that she refused to have that picture.  The last picture are our dinner companions.  I believe this table was the youngest adult table by far on this cruise.

Carrib-7405-00.jpg (92102 bytes) Carrib-7405-01.jpg (75258 bytes) Carrib-7405-02.jpg (77454 bytes) Carrib-7405-03.jpg (111827 bytes) Carrib-7405-04.jpg (102847 bytes) Carrib-7405-05.jpg (98487 bytes) 

An old time style map of the Caribbean.

Carrib-7405-06.jpg (179156 bytes) 


The two postcard scans below are the fortress in Haiti.  This fortress was built to repel the French after the inhabitants had declared independence.  It was never used.  But can you imagine in the early 1800's building this citadel in the mountains in an out of the way place where it could not stop the French from doing whatever they wanted?  Oh well. 

Carrib-7405-07.jpg (101710 bytes) Carrib-7405-08.jpg (88699 bytes)

On the bus ride to get our donkeys for the journey up the mountain to the citadel, we passed through several villages.  The poverty was astounding.  Naked children, thatched huts with dirt floors, open cesspools for bathrooms.  It really was an eye opener for me. 

Haitian Voodoo stilt dancers.  This is a scan of a postcard, but we actually saw these two guys on our way to the fortress.

Carrib-7405-14.jpg (88974 bytes)

The three postcard scans below are of the harbor fortress in San Juan.  In the middle one can be seen the MS Skyward.  We must have purchased these on the ship.

Carrib-7405-13.jpg (110823 bytes) Carrib-7405-09.jpg (91015 bytes) Carrib-7405-10.jpg (129457 bytes)

The three postcard scans below are of the Virgin Islands.  The first one is of Blackbeards' Tower.  Pat and I did go through it.

Carrib-7405-11.jpg (96682 bytes)  Carrib-7405-15.jpg (93358 bytes) Carrib-7405-16.jpg (100828 bytes)

The postcard scan below is again of the MS Skyward.

 Carrib-7405-17.jpg (131012 bytes)

The three photo scans below were taken during a shipboard show.  As I recall, the shows we saw were good.

Carrib-7405-18.jpg (55250 bytes) Carrib-7405-19.jpg (67702 bytes) Carrib-7405-20.jpg (66992 bytes)

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