Boston University 1996


Gretchen graduated from BU in the spring, 1996.  Pat, Peter and I went to Boston for her graduation.  Here is a pictorial record of that graduation.


Gretchen with her academic advisor.

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Gretchen with the BU mascot.

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The graduation ceremony.  It took place in the football stadium.

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Waiting for Gretchen after the graduation ceremony.

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Gretchen gets her awards from the Chemistry Department.

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After the festivities, we need to pack up Gretchen and move her to California.  She has been accepted to do graduate work in chemistry at Stanford.  We get a Penske truck and begin packing.  Peter leaves to fly back to California.  Pat, Gretchen and I will drive first to our home in Texas, where we will have a two week break before continuing on to California.   Since Gretchen also had a car, we will be driving 2 vehicles.  And since we have a two week break, we will need to unpack return the truck and get another truck before continuing to California - the expense you know.

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