Tenerife 2014


The next stop on the cruise is Tenerife, another of Spain's Canary Islands.  This island is much greener than Lanzarote.  Santa Cruz de Tenerife serves as the capitol of Spain's Cnaray Islands and is the port that the cruise ship docked at.  Tenerife has almost a million permanent residents.  It is a tourist destination from Europe with about 5 million visitors a year.

One of our favorite places was a converted monestary.  It is now a restaurant, bar and tourist trap.  Lots of interesting things here.


While traveling about the island, we took several photos.

City and Countryside 

At various points of interest, there were views of the ocean. 

Ocean Views  

As we were entering or leaving the port of Santa Cruz, there were several opportunities for photos. 

Harbor and Shore Views from the Cruise Ship  

A mime working to make money.

In the last hour or 2 in Santa Cruz, the ladies plot out their power shopping strategy.

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Mike & Pat