Florida Winter/Spring 1998


Beginning in 1998, Pat's sister and her husband have invited us to Florida to share a condo on the beach.  They have a timeshare condo and Pat and I have been getting the car.  We have been able to share expenses that way and have a good time.  Below is a pictorial record of that trip.


We go see the manatees at a state park.

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The beach view from the condo on New Smyrna Beach. 

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Pat, Cathy, Thom, Norman (Pat and Cathy's brother) and I have lunch at a restaurant on the water.

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We go deep sea fishing.  Doesn't the bait in pictures 2 and 3 look appetizing???

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We visit Aunt Fran and Pat's grandfather in Clearwater.  Pat and Cathy's mother came with us on this visit.  We have lunch at a restaurant.  We leave Aunt Fran's with bags of citrus (oranges and grapefruit) from her trees.

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Pat and I spend a day at Epcot.

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