Florida Vacation


Page 7 - Thursday, February 28, 2002

Today we pick up Pat and Cathy's Mom and go across the state to Tampa/Clearwater.  Pat and Cathy's Aunt Fran lives in Clearwater.  I4 traffic is always a mess.  There is construction and a lot of traffic.  Miracles will never cease, we managed to bypass the Home Shopping Club Outlet Store on this trip.  I could hardly believe it.  We take Aunt Fran out for lunch and then spend some time visiting with her.  She has a nice house with citrus trees in her back yard.  Of course we need to pick oranges, grapefruit and lemons.

I drive over to Tampa and Thom drives back.  

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We stop at Pat and Cathy's Mom's apartment on our way back to Florida.  We finish off Pat's birthday cake before returning to Daytona.

Florida-20020228-1935.jpg (55368 bytes)

Tonight we play dice.  This is a game my family taught us.  It is played with 5 dice and is a fun family game.  For dinner tonight, it is popcorn, pretzels and queso.  Have you ever had pretzels dipped in queso???

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