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Page 7 - Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Today we slept in.  I believe we had oatmeal for breakfast today.  We are doing nothing except staying around Ormond Beach.  Today will be a day of relaxation, shopping, sightseeing, and finding the famous Dix house in Ormond Beach.  The Dix house was inhabited by 2 of the Dix sisters in the 1970's.  Dix is the family name of Pat and Cathy's mother.  We had lunch at Billy's Taproom and dinner at Barnacles (or is it Sinbads?).  We got a lot of walking in today.  Pat also bought an old footstool in an antique shop.


Pat and Cathy checking out the shops.

florida-010124-1058.jpg (90811 bytes)

A condo at the corner of the intra coastal waterway and Florida 40.

 florida-010124-1103.jpg (75164 bytes) 

The picture below is of a pier on the intra coastal.  

florida-010124-1213.jpg (44633 bytes) 

These next four pictures are looking across the intra coastal towards the Dix house.

florida-010124-1216a.jpg (37634 bytes) florida-010124-1216b.jpg (42706 bytes) florida-010124-1217a.jpg (59763 bytes) florida-010124-1217b.jpg (74649 bytes)

A couple of neat houses while walking to the Dix house.

florida-010124-1228.jpg (118155 bytes) florida-010124-1229.jpg (97533 bytes)

The 2 pictures below are of the McNary house.  McNary married a third Dix sister.  He donated the lot next door to the two other Dix sisters for them to build a house. 

florida-010124-1230.jpg (102511 bytes) florida-010124-1233.jpg (128960 bytes)

The Dix house is below.  Cathy and Pat are in one of the pictures.

florida-010124-1232a.jpg (126964 bytes) florida-010124-1232b.jpg (127570 bytes) 

Pictures of Thom, Cathy and Mike,Pat.

florida-010124-1234a.jpg (62243 bytes) florida-010124-1237.jpg (50635 bytes) 

Pictures looking across the intra coastal from a park across the street from the Dix house.

florida-010124-1235a.jpg (42788 bytes) florida-010124-1235b.jpg (48339 bytes)  florida-010124-1243.jpg (82785 bytes) florida-010124-1325.jpg (43120 bytes) florida-010124-1326a.jpg (42399 bytes) florida-010124-1234b.jpg (44103 bytes)

Here were are walking across the bridge.

florida-010124-1326b.jpg (65909 bytes) 

Looking off the bridge walking back towards the condo from the Dix house.

florida-010124-1328.jpg (43950 bytes) 

The four pictures below are of John D. Rockefeller's house called The Casements.  He died at the age of 97 in this house.  It is now a community center for Ormond Beach.

florida-010124-1331.jpg (84767 bytes) florida-010124-1332a.jpg (94764 bytes) florida-010124-1332b.jpg (97124 bytes) florida-010124-1334.jpg (72383 bytes)

The picture below is the front of the Royal Floridian - our condo.

 florida-010124-1438.jpg (64000 bytes) 

The pictures below were taken on a walk along the beach in the late afternoon going North from the condo.  Some very nice beach houses.

florida-010124-1700a.jpg (43923 bytes) florida-010124-1700b.jpg (54094 bytes) florida-010124-1701.jpg (35036 bytes) florida-010124-1702.jpg (47252 bytes) 

florida-010124-1703a.jpg (38391 bytes) florida-010124-1703b.jpg (50189 bytes) florida-010124-1705.jpg (46423 bytes) florida-010124-1707.jpg (40863 bytes) 

florida-010124-1712a.jpg (37788 bytes) florida-010124-1712b.jpg (46326 bytes) florida-010124-1712c.jpg (41937 bytes) florida-010124-1714.jpg (39587 bytes) 

florida-010124-1715.jpg (61039 bytes) florida-010124-1716.jpg (41119 bytes) 

The temperature today was in the low sixties.

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