February 20, 2003


Today we visit the island of Cozemel.  We signed up for a tour of the island.  This is one of the top snorkeling and diving destinations in the world.  The water is clear and the sea life and the coral is supposed to be marvelous - next time.  We arrive at around 9 AM.  Pat and I catch a tender to the pier where we are met for the tour.

The photos.

Pat with her fierce Mayan warrior and me with my 2 fair Mayan maidens.

Mexico-Mayan Warrior-200302.jpg (63897 bytes) Mexico-Mayan Maidens-200302.jpg (60329 bytes)

Photos of the Jubilee.  The first photo was taken in the morning from the stern of the tender as we were heading to shore.  There is a mist that obscures the ship.  The other photos were taken from the bow of the tender that returned us to the ship in the afternoon.

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The tender that brought us to the pier in the morning.

Mexico-030220-04.jpg (71392 bytes)

The shopping district just off the pier.  Very colorful.

Mexico-030220-05.jpg (82750 bytes) Mexico-030220-06.jpg (110567 bytes) Mexico-030220-07.jpg (92220 bytes) Mexico-030220-08.jpg (110905 bytes) Mexico-030220-10.jpg (95540 bytes) Mexico-030220-32.jpg (108315 bytes) Mexico-030220-36.jpg (100536 bytes) Mexico-030220-37.jpg (89138 bytes) 

El Cedral.  The first Mexican settlement on Cozemel.  Now mostly deserted and used as a weekend home.  It was settled during the Mayan uprising on the mainland in the 1800's.  According to our guide, the people who settled here promised a festival in honor of the cross in thanksgiving of their being saved from the Mayans.  This festival occurs every May 1 - 3.  Note the Mayan ruin.

Mexico-030220-11.jpg (115078 bytes) Mexico-030220-12.jpg (109530 bytes) Mexico-030220-13.jpg (100952 bytes) Mexico-030220-14.jpg (144724 bytes) Mexico-030220-15.jpg (89695 bytes) Mexico-030220-16.jpg (88655 bytes) Mexico-030220-17.jpg (136793 bytes) Mexico-030220-18.jpg (88703 bytes) Mexico-030220-19.jpg (104239 bytes) 

The eastern shore.  Note the black coral.

Mexico-030220-20.jpg (80731 bytes) Mexico-030220-21.jpg (78673 bytes) Mexico-030220-22.jpg (128396 bytes) Mexico-030220-23.jpg (78740 bytes) Mexico-030220-24.jpg (59484 bytes) Mexico-030220-25.jpg (77998 bytes) Mexico-030220-26.jpg (74694 bytes) Mexico-030220-27.jpg (85369 bytes) Mexico-030220-28.jpg (72005 bytes) Mexico-030220-29.jpg (93795 bytes) Mexico-030220-30.jpg (74643 bytes) Mexico-030220-31.jpg (58023 bytes) 

Scenes in and around the port.

Mexico-030220-09.jpg (111763 bytes) Mexico-030220-33.jpg (60094 bytes) Mexico-030220-34.jpg (86117 bytes) Mexico-030220-38.jpg (57178 bytes) Mexico-030220-39.jpg (61680 bytes) Mexico-030220-40.jpg (55717 bytes) Mexico-030220-41.jpg (56222 bytes) Mexico-030220-46.jpg (56585 bytes)

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